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would you approve of you?

I was driving home yesterday after a day being immersed in writing about the Spier Contemporary 2010 exhibition and I heard my favourite radio announcer talking about actor Hugh Laurie and his 50th birthday. The announcer, John Maytham on Cape Talk, commented that he had "never really got into the House character" which I found really funny, especially as I like both of them for the same reason... they're irreverent, irritable, intelligent and certainly not looking to make any friends.

Laurie's comments on his 50th birthday were really interesting: "From now on it's a gradually descending mist of confusion and doubt. I've never known less than I know now. You hope that your teenage self would like and forgive your 50-year-old self. It would be awful to think that they'd be ashamed and appalled - that you were a betrayal of everything they thought they'd become."

So what would your 18 year old self think of the person you have become?

I'd li…