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memories of Marc

About 15 years ago, I was standing at the back of a church that I had recently started attending. Well out of the way, making sure that no one had any real reason to speak to me, when a young guy walked up to me and started chatting. His straight blonde hair was down to his waist and he had an infectious smile and a crazy laugh. By the time I left, I had somehow invited him to lunch, an action which was totally contrary to my usual habit of keeping everyone at a safe distance. He gave me a hug as he left, little realising how much that freaked me out as he had been the first person, apart from my children, to be allowed into my personal space for about four years.
The encounter changed my life in many ways. For one thing, I met my husband through him. I began to realise that not everyone in the world was my enemy. And I had hours and hours of fun and laughter.
This past week, Marc has been staying with us. He opened a new exhibition in Cape Town and seemed impressed enough with what h…