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I am totally swamped with work at the moment, and there are very few moments to breathe, or think, or pray.

But, in the midst of the madness, there are some wonderful discoveries.
One is Nechama Brodie. She's a writer of note, I love her tweets, she's a boxer (that's scarily impressive) and she has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard.

You can hear her (and follow her blog) here


I don't suppose there is anywhere left in the world where it is still Wednesday?
This post is part of a link which I found on rayfamily's blog here, but which actually originated with Jillsy Girl

I love the idea of linking blogs that are exploring the same things, and the serendipitous connections that occur. And I love Seal in this video.

When it comes to secrets, the thing I love most is when a really good, happy secret belongs just to me. I love to hug it close, resisting the bursting urge to tell until I just can't take it any more. And then it is like unwrapping a present... hearing my words and watching as the person I am telling takes in what I am saying. I love seeing how their face changes, through disbelief (even suspicion) to delight and joy.

That's for the good ones...
Not much fun when the secret is something dire. When the telling of it will be one of those heart-heavy moments. When hearing my voice is like watching the world change in an instant, and kn…

voting for global cooling

we have had three days of 45 degree C weather

I am incredibly grateful for our swimming pool and the new airconditioning in our office.

I'll be even more grateful if someone will tell me why it is called airconditioning. Why not aircooling?

early mornings

Most mornings we wake up at about 5am. I have no idea why that is happening... I was always an early to bed, late to rise kind of person but now it seems I need less sleep. It can't possibly be age encroaching.

Maybe it is all about getting a balance to my day... a moment to reflect before the real world encroaches and the work begins.

Anyway, each morning we sit outside with our coffee and watch the birds and the world going by. It is amazing just how many people are up at the crack of dawn in Moorreesburg.


Just chilling with my lapdog, feet to feet

new beginnings

My mother, who is in her 84th year, was really excited to sit in her new (second hand) car yesterday, the day after she had returned from Philadelphia (the one in the US, not this one down the road) where she had been visiting my brother.

She has always been an inspiration.

Being the daughter of an inspiration has not always been easy, especially when I was younger and people would ask where on earth she had got me from.

But an inspiration she is, and I'm both daunted and impressed by her positive approach to life, her refusal to compromise her standards and her surprisingly naughty sense of humour.

early Sunday morning

Greg preparing his sermon, under the watchful eye of Wilbur.

Most things go better with a dog.


As we prepared to see the new year in in sunny Moorreesburg ...

My younger son Ben was in the Antarctic on Gojira, saving the lives of whales.