little and large

This past weekend was the Swartland Agricultural Show.
It's lots of fun to visit, especially if you like farm animals (which I do)

These are some of the prize winning cattle, lined up according to their breeds. I loved the handlers in their red overalls and white boots.

Our friend Christina came to visit because she'd never been to the skou, and it turned out to be a day that was all about transport.

she went for a ride with Greg on the Harley

she got to sit in some really big harvesters

and I mean BIG!

but some were more her size.

Some of the vehicles were more old fashioned. Eight horse power seems much more exciting than the 1800 in our bakkie (pick up truck)

Some were very elegant

And some reminded us that we are all inordinately proud of hosting the world cup soccer next year.

But, when all is said and done, it is always the cute girl that steals the show!


Christina Scott said…
Excuse me? I AM the cute girl that stole the show!
julochka said…
are they still using hairspray and glitter on the show cattle? they used to do that at the state fair when i was a kid. i always thought it was a little undignified for the poor cows.

and that is one cute little girl on one big giant horse. :-)

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