mind the gap

I'm suffering from an excess of velleity.

Velleity is volition at its weakest. It's a mere wish or inclination, without any accompanying effort.

My velleity is fed by an overactive imagination... I can see in my mind's eye exactly what my dream garden looks like, for example. So when I am outside, I'm imagining a tree there, a shrub here, a winding path and a bank of flowers. so the lack of all those things and the lack of effort on my part to make them happen don't worry me so much. It certainly makes things easier when you are living with a very large garden during our excessively hot and dry summers.

I'd write more... but what can I say? Velleity strikes again.


julochka said…
you're funny. :-)

thankfully my velleity has been banished and i'm getting lots of work done. :-) but i do fear it could return at any moment..
Ah! A new word for me as well! Velleity Strikes. I'll have to watch out for it. Reminds me of the saying that "The greatest intention is worth less than the smallest action."
Meri said…
What a fabulous word! I've got to incorporate it at every opportunity. And thanks for leaving the comment about second chances -- it gives me hope.
Lali Fufu said…
Lovely word. So much nicer than procrastination, which seems harsh and reminds me of Arnie aka the Terminator.
I do the same when I'm looking at the mess in my apartment. I imagine it all nice and clean, but velleity strikes again!

PS Is there a cure for it?
B said…
So that's what I have! Velleity! I never knew but am telling everyone from now on!
Bobbie Leigh said…
I had to google Velleity, and maybe it was the three hours of sleep I had last night- but the question mark is still on my forhead. :o)~
Kristina said…
aha, finally a name for that feeling :-) thanks!
Lynne said…
glad you all liked the word! I've been subscribing to Anu Garg's Word a Day for years, and velleity is one of the few that has really stuck with me.
Mary Ellen said…
A better word than the "sin" of acedia - I never know if I'm just worn out and need a rest or need some kind of metaphysical kick to the seat.
Ah yes: in that corner shall go that picture, on that wall that beautiful red, in the garden the shrubs. But first I have to go out and buy everything. So much easier to curl up on the couch with The Girl Who Played With Fire. Velleity? Or pure and simple laziness Stephanie

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