broadening the horizons

I seem to have entered another season of change where the comfortable places are beginning to feel a bit constricted.

It's not that unusual... I tend to get restless when things stay the same for too long. Maybe it is because moving has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. When I was 36 years old, I counted up how many times I had moved in my life. It was a rather daunting 39!

My mother used to see our homes as challenges, and she'd knock down walls and put up wallpaper on whatever was left. Carpets and curtains were changed... and just when it was exactly as she liked it, my dad would say "we'd probably get a good price for this place..." and we'd be on the move again.

Add the fact that his work meant we moved town pretty often ... he'd whip a branch of his company into shape and then be moved on to the next one.

Greg has been working with me for a month now, and we are getting used to working in the same office space. For the first 10 days or so he worked in the dining room and left me to the study, but then I went out for the day and came back to find that he had rearranged and organised the space in a way that worked very much better. 

If he'd asked me if he should or could I'd have responded with a very emphatic "don't touch my stuff!" But actually it has worked out very well.

We now sit opposite each other and chat on skype, and that works well too.

But this is where I'm hoping we'll be for a couple of days a week anyway. 

I feel like the horizons are broadening, like the possibilities are endless.


Skoorby said…
I've had moments like these too, and they're wonderful! Blossoming optimism, backed by an emerging reality - a great combination. Nice new masthead to go with it too.

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