living the quiet life

Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business  
and to work with your hands...  
 1 Thessalonians 4:11

I love that scripture. For me, it embodies the kind of life I would love to live.

But it remains an ideal.

The environment where I live and work is quiet, and most mornings I am woken by the sound of birdsong. That's just before some idiot, somewhere in this town lets his damn car alarm off, for at least 1/2 an hour every morning at 6am. I keep planning to drive around and find him, but that means actually getting up and dressed before 6am, which is seriously unlikely to ever happen.

Mind your own business.... hmmm. Sounds good. But what happens when you are a journalist and "your own business" is the business of others? I prefer to interpret this as "don't gossip" which is generally much easier for me to live by.

I wonder if working with your hands includes working on the computer, because that seems to be all the handwork I have time to do at the moment.

But one day! One day I will be living somewhere wild (by the sea, in a forest under a mountain... and yes, I do mean all three) which I have bought due to (by then) being a best selling author. 

Then I'll be quiet, mind my own business and spend my days making pots, painting landscapes and making apple pies.


Rosanne said…
Hey Lynne
Nice reading your posts..
so bizarre, on the other side of the world, yet so easy to stay in touch with all thanks to social media. Go blogging!
Lynne said…
and twittering too... thanks for following me there too Rosanne!
julochka said…
except when the paparazzi come by. they're quite disturbing. or so i've heard.
Lynne said…
I'll just feed them apple pie

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