I don't suppose there is anywhere left in the world where it is still Wednesday?
This post is part of a link which I found on rayfamily's blog here, but which actually originated with Jillsy Girl

I love the idea of linking blogs that are exploring the same things, and the serendipitous connections that occur. And I love Seal in this video.

When it comes to secrets, the thing I love most is when a really good, happy secret belongs just to me. I love to hug it close, resisting the bursting urge to tell until I just can't take it any more. And then it is like unwrapping a present... hearing my words and watching as the person I am telling takes in what I am saying. I love seeing how their face changes, through disbelief (even suspicion) to delight and joy.

That's for the good ones...
Not much fun when the secret is something dire. When the telling of it will be one of those heart-heavy moments. When hearing my voice is like watching the world change in an instant, and knowing that from this moment nothing will ever be the same again.


Walker said…
Hi, I'm a regular Jillsy follower. Love your take on secrets. I find it interesting that you focus on good secrets, as we tend to think of them as bad. Your perspective gives us a chance to reframe the word.
Jillsy Girl said…
Ditto on Walker's comment! You are so correct that many secrets are also good ones that will delight the recipient when exposed. My hubby has told me several times he would love to surprise me with something, but for one reason or another the secret comes out too early. Thanks for joining in this week and giving us your perspective!
Jillsy Girl said…
Oh..and one more thing ~ don't worry about it not being Wednesday. The Blog Hop starts on Wednesday, but lasts all week!
Anonymous said…
Ditto W and J - secrets can be good, too, and I love your description of hugging it close and then unwrapping it as a gift. My husband loves to surprise me with gifts or actions, and I know he loves hugging those secrets and then seeing my reaction to them.
Lynne said…
@ Walker and Barbara... thanks for reading
and Jillsy, thanks for sparking the conversation.
I am pretty slack at keeping my blog updated so it is good to have a spark to get it going!

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