early mornings

Most mornings we wake up at about 5am. I have no idea why that is happening... I was always an early to bed, late to rise kind of person but now it seems I need less sleep. It can't possibly be age encroaching.

Maybe it is all about getting a balance to my day... a moment to reflect before the real world encroaches and the work begins.

Anyway, each morning we sit outside with our coffee and watch the birds and the world going by. It is amazing just how many people are up at the crack of dawn in Moorreesburg.


lisleman said…
you won't find me awake at the time of day unless there a reason like a plane to catch or trip to start.
reflecting is good but I can do that later in the day just as well.
Jillsy Girl said…
Hi there! So nice to meet you and glad you joined in on last Wednesday's word. I've always enjoyed mornings when I have awakened early and watched the sun come up, but most days I'm still in dreamland. Being able to watch the sun rise gives an energetic boost to the day! I need to try and do it more often.
Jillsy Girl said…
By the way...come join us again tomorrow for this Wednesday's word - SOAR!

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