Painting the walls

After a year of not blogging, I hesitate to say that finding more time to blog is one of my resolutions. I am too good at breaking resolutions to suggest such a thing.

But I have decided to spend more time in 2012 doing things which exercise my creativity, and blogging is certainly one of them.

I have also decided (not resolved...) to start actually making one or two of the things that I diligently pin on Pinterest.

And here is a start... after pinning a picture of graffiti, I decided to start decorating the walls around our front veranda.

Here's the beginning of what promises to be a long project!
dancing in the rain

I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth. Then I ask myself the same question. - Harun Yahya

Greg and the dogs

the one that started it all



julochka said…
these are so awesome, some of them will definitely be cropping up around here as well. <3 them!!
Molly said…
swimming is my favourite and, yes, I think you've started a movement!
good to have you back blogging too.
Carlien said…
I love "the one that started it all".
Carlien said…
I love "the one that started it all".

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