since I was last here (part 2)

Akira the cat is very happy to be back in the city. She has undergone a personality change!
The biggest thing that has happened since I was last here is that we have moved away from the countryside. No more Moorreesburg, with all its joys and frustrations.
No more 45 degree celsius summer days.
No more green wheatfields. No more dry, brown, dusty wheatfields.
No more checking up on the farm animals as we drive home.
No more wide open spaces.

We have traded that all in for Table View suburbia and an office for the company at the end of the garden. We are just a few kilometres from the sea, but don't get there often enough.
So far all the things I thought I would do when I was spending less time on the road haven't happened yet, but we are here and I am happy and that matters.

Watching the wreck of the Seli slowly disintegrate has become one of our most relaxing pastimes.
Its like watching paint dry, but with a view


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