do you want to feel good?

I'm still getting lots of exercise kicking myself after yesterday's debacle, so I popped on over to one of my favourite bloggers.
Color Me Katie is a lesson in exuberance. How could you not feel cheerful after reading about the shadow project?

She is so filled with life and joy and colour that it's impossible not to smile, and think "wow, what a cool idea", and "I wish I'd seen that".

But I have a confession.

Unlike some of my blog friends and aquaintances, I'm not sure I'd actually like to meet her. I'd feel intimidated and stressed by all the bounce. I'd feel that I just wasn't colourful, or inventive or sparky enough.

I'm more of a black lace and candle light and long silences kind of person.

But I am really glad that people like Katie are out there. Keep up the bounce, Katie!

I'd even contemplate living in a nice, quiet cave like this one.
If it had good carpets.


julochka said…
wow. she is cheerful and colorful and takes some awesome pictures! but i tend to agree on the bounce factor. i have a feeling i would feel old and slow in her presence. :-) but perhaps i am...
And a really luxurious bathroom and a great comfy bed.
I like the cave looks more like living flesh than like rock. I would also avoid meeting fellow bloggers. Blogging and chatting over coffee are two entirely different things.
Lynne said…
hmmm. Julie at Moments of Perfect Clarity is organising a blog camp, so that her readers can get to spend time with her and I've offered to host a South African linkup. But maybe you are right... it's going to be interesting to see if virtual friends can become real ones

and thanks Meri... I have the bath and the bed and feel very blessed, especially snuggled up warm at night,listening to the rain on the tin roof (a la Norah Jones!)
Lynne said…
I never noticed the living flesh... now that I look, its a bit like that guy in the fantastic four...
Lali Fufu said…
I would NEVER describe you as a black lace, candle light and long silences kind of person. So very gothic! you're very bouncy, happy and colourful. and you're almost always smiling. you're like a naughty little girl trapped in a woman's body.. a creative wild child who doesn't want to conform but has to.
and I could absolutely never picture you living in a cave, even if it had great carpets, a luxurious bed and ensuite bathroom and ADSL. It's all far too quiet for you and you'd get bored.
In fact, you're so bouncy and friendly and colourful that if you ever met Katie, I think it would be very much like meeting yourself or staring into a mirror! :)
Isn't it strange how different our perceptions of ourselves are and how other people see us!

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