feeling very friday

It's one of those days where the idea of concentrating on any one thing seems like way too much effort. The up-side is that if I keep doing little bits of things, they'll eventually get finished!

I have six stories, an annual report and a brochure to write, two proposals to finish, and some other stuff too. So I started the day by baking a loaf of bread and I've just finished mixing a double quantity of buttermilk rusks. I know why those boere tannies have strong arms. I need a Kenwood Chef.

So, in another desperate effort to delay work, I decided to suggest some blogs for you (my few but very valued visitors).

So these are some of my favourites that I haven't mentioned before:
Born Animal... we used to eat neanderthal babies???

My Marrakesh I find the constant use of the third person a bit trying, but her pictures are stupendous and I want to live in her house

Journey Mama and her husband who write about their lives in India

That's enough... concentration limit reached.


Meri said…
I'll go check out the blogs when I've done some tidying. Things are getting out of hand!
Juno said…
Hello Lynne

Thank you for your visit to my blog and for your feedback about bloody DSTV reruns.

I'm happy to discover your blogs!

julochka said…
i feel the same about my marrakesh. :-)
Muriel said…
Hey Lynne. I live in Kasteel, just down the road from you. What a treat to find your blog!

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