being a grown up

I have a lot of work to do.

I have a lot of work to do before Monday

Seriously... I have A LOT of work to get finished unless I want to risk getting jumped on by hordes of irate German clients (well ... one, but it feels like hordes) and a rather formidable woman (I suspect just on the outside) who lives in China.

I'm feeling quite motivated to get the work done... having two separately scary clients has that effect.

But it is Saturday, and there is a little girl in the corner of my mind who wants to go out and play.

But, I'll be good and sit in my office and look longingly at the gorgeously cheerful wooden fish my son Ben brought me back from Mozambique. It reminds me that there is life and freedom outside of the work time... and it may not be too long to wait before I can experience both of them.


Gervan said…
It's not much difference from being a child and having to do your homework.
Meri said…
Once my new job changes from not-yet-paying to money-rolling-in, my work and play will have a lot in common. Fingers crossed!
Lynne said…
Gervan you are right... it is now sunday evening and my "homework" is done and I feel free!

Meri, I'm holding thumbs and toes!!

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