climbing molehills

significantly, this is one of the pictures I used in the publication

Today I finished a huge project which has been dragging on for almost a year...

It was a wonderful project, with inspiring stories to write about incredible people and uplifting initiatives. I wrote about it here, when I first started. So the problem certainly wasn't with the project itself. 

Some of the delays were out of my control, but for the last month or two the delays have been in my hands, and mostly because I had built it up into this huge mountain of work that I didn't have time to finish.

It took an ultimatum to get my bum into gear, and what a relief it is. I feel like a weight has been lifted, not just from my shoulders but from my psyche.

Isn't it amazing how we are often our own worst enemies?
Isn't it amazing what power our minds have to control our lives and our thoughts.

Makes me wonder what else I have built up into a mountain?

What else is shackling me when I should be soaring?


julochka said…
i'm so my own worst enemy and the world's worst procrastinator. but i'm very good at building mountains. which is strange for a girl from the prairie.

shackles...must release the shackles...

(thank you for this, i needed to read it right at this very moment.)
julochka said…
i do this all the time and can so relate to every word.

procrastination - it can be both good and bad - because it does help that ultimatum/axe hanging over your shoulder thing kick in and sometimes i just need that.

but still, i hope to do less of it in 2011. :-)

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