heading north

So, tomorrow I fly to Uganda and already I'm awash with useless information. Like, did you know that the word Kampala comes from the fact that there were so many impalas on the plains where it was built?

One of the bits of information that I didn't know was that I'd need a yellow fever certificate, or else they'd inject me at the airport. I'm really scared of needles and I'm really scared of flying and now they're offering me a combination of the two??? Are they totally insane?

(Actually, I'm not scared of flying, I'm scared of dying when I'm not ready. And I'm not ready yet, even if I do end up in a better place than here. And I don't like leaving Greg)

The yellow fever thing was dropped casually into an email from one of the workshop organisers. That I got yesterday at about 8.30pm. And there's nowhere in the Swartland to get a yellow fever injection. And anyway after last year's debacle with Greg's accident I'd rather take my chances with the baggage loader at Entebbe.

(Greg's accident? Long story... he fell through the roof, local doctor said it was a miracle nothing was broken, real doctor found 14 broken bones...)

It's a really pretty virus though...

... but I think I'd rather have the flu. Isn't it beautiful?

It's probably more likely. I remembered I have a yellow fever certificate. I had the injection before I went to Kenya for the Genome conference in 2004. Was it that long ago? It's scary how time vanishes.

Maybe I should be worrying about that instead.


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