Panic mode!

It's another of those unseasonably wintery days in the Swartland, and I'm in panic mode. Panic mode is when I have way more work than I can cope with. The spin-off of panic mode is that I put my head down and plough my way through all the work until it's done!

You'd think that now would not be a good time to start a new project, like finally getting this blog going. But somehow it feels like now is the time, so here I am, over a year since I set the site up, finally writing the first post.

What was the catylist? A gorgeous birds nest that I saw on, thanks to a tip off from Ms Tee, on her blog the delightful home. It reminded me how much I enjoy my daily dose of blog-reading and how much I've discovered since I started. I've tried to upload it, but I seem to be having a technodummy day.

So, let's hope I'm disciplined and keep this going. I have so much to share!


L.L. Barkat said…
Welcome to the blogsophere! (Though it sounds like you've been here quietly, without your own home for a while?)
Lynne said…
Yes I have... and I've been following your blog for a while now too! Thanks for the comment... I only just noticed it because I didn't think of looking back at my older posts. Still getting to know the blogosphere, but it looks like its going to be a fun journey.

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