strange desires

I saw this sign on a lamp post in Uganda and it really got me wondering. Why, oh why would anyone want to gain a bum?
And what does it mean? A bigger bum? An extra bum?
There were similar signs (with different phone numbers) advertising "Gain hips quickly". Is that to accommodate the extra bum?

I never saw any signs of mutant Ugandans though, so I'm not sure if the business is doing very well.


Anonymous said…
Hi Lynne - love your blog, and this article made me smile - and wonder: is it because of HIV/AIDS that people don't want to look thin? And is this extra bum service invasive surgery or Mrs Doubtfire's lingerie?

This is so funny. "Gain bums quickly"?? It's hard to imagine who they're hoping to sell those to, and and why. -Julia :-)

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