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Julie at Moments of Perfect Clarity calls them "blog crushes" and I've had a crush on her blog for a while. It's even developed into a connection. I wanted to say friendship, but although we've sent emails and even gifts, I feel a bit like its still very much a surface friendship... kind of like the connections you make in your first week at a new school (yes, I can remember that far back).

Another of my blog connections is Meri at Meri's Musings. She often comments on my posts, and I on hers and I think our lives have taken some similar paths.

Some of the blogs I read are people whose lives are totally, enviously different to mine, like Chinua with his stunning photography and incredibly beautiful children.

(My children are incredibly beautiful too...)

Others are going through different life stages to me and I feel connected to them and their experiences. Helen is like that.

Others, like Jack, I have "met" on other forums and in other places (all virtually) and I've been watching his garden grow for years.

The idea of blog connections is pretty interesting. I often wonder if I am feeling connected to people who I may not have anything in common with in real life. I subscribe to piles of blogs, mostly because I follow meandering paths from one to another and find something that is interesting. I don't always visit again regularly... sometimes its months between one visit and another.

And, of course, I wonder about the people that read my blog. Some show themselves and become followers (thank you!) and others stay hidden, or are just random visitors. I wonder about those of you who keep coming back. What is it about me that resonates with you? And is it the real me that you are "seeing" or are your own interpretations or cultural expectations colouring who you think I am?


deryck vs said…
As a hidden reader/follower of your blog I must say that it is the open simplicity and sincerity that you write with that continues to peek my curiosity and brings me back.

My own opinion, interpretation and cultural expectations definitely colours who I think you are. Do we ever truly know someone when people are in a state of constant change?
Lynne said…
thanks Deryck!!
I had no idea you were reading.
julochka said…
i think about this quite a lot, mostly because the posts i do which in my own mind are the really good ones aren't necessarily the ones that get a reaction. and then i write some fluff off the cuff and it gets 30 comments. i'm not sure that i really get what appeals and what makes people connect.

but when i think of my own blog reading and now certain things people said lead me to think about them and their story when i'm away from the computer, in a way that they never know about it, then i realize that we can neither share it all, nor know all of the thoughts we provoke.

i don't really know where i'm going with this...but these are the things i've been thinking about of late...

all i really know is that i'm super grateful for the blog connections i've made and i, like you, consider many of my blog friends real friends. i definitely intend to meet you in person one day and i know we will have a great time together and that we will laugh a lot.

molly said…
you have a great blog--i've read lots of posts tonight and could comment on all, but i tend to not want to stop and bother, especially if it's small like a 'nice one!', 'i hear you!' and the like! but, i'm thinking it...

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