day three, belatedly

The internet connection was so bad that I decided that work, and my blog, would have to wait until I got back.

Day three saw us up bright and early so that we could be at the Kruger Park gates when they opened at 6am. We actually got there at about 5.45, but there were already 11 cars ahead of us.

The game reserve is a great place to observe human behaviour too... we were amused by the strategies of people who wanted to be first in the queue to check in. Some double-parked right next to the reception hut. Others dropped off the sprinter in their party, who rushed up to the door. We couldn't see the point of all the oneupmanship, so we ended up about 20th in the queue at reception. And it really made no difference at all... it was still dark when we got through the final entrance gate anyway!

We saw lots of elephants, in their natural setting. No chance of checking their teeth!

this is a saddle beaked stork at a waterhole near Skukuza, the camp where we spent our first night in the park.

These waterbuck were very reluctant to have a drink, and eventually left without even a sip.

the crocodile is still hard to see... but he's there. waiting patiently.

We ended the day with an afternoon snooze, a couple of sundowners next to the river and dinner under the bats at Skukuza's take away restaurant. It was probably the worst meal I had had in a long time, but the bats were fascinating. Probably a horribly unhealthy place to sit, but I don't think any bat droppings got into the food. I'd have noticed. Anything would have improved the flavour of the pasta Alfredo I chose.


Lali Fufu said…
that photo of the stork is amazing!!!
Lynne said…
I like it too... one of those great chance shots!

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