signs on the way

We saw some fun signs while we were away. Like this one at Letaba Camp in the Kruger Park:

here's what a sausage fruit looks like, in case you were wondering.

and this one at the God's Window lookout at the Blyde River Canyon was my favourite:


Lali Fufu said…
:P Love funny signs like this! I've got a pretty good pic of a sign announcing that a new shopping mall was going to be built near Silverlakes in Pretoria. The sign said "New Erection coming soon."
Lynne said…
that's cool. There's one in malmesbury that says "no sauntering"... I think they mean no loitering!
Lali Fufu said…
I love that! sauntering is such a cool word. maybe they're referring to a particular kind of woman? that would mean their sign should include no boots, high heels or micro miniskirts either!
necessary said…
cool trees...some seem quite old.

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