the beauty of language

My friend Riekie has recently started a blog. It is written in her usual poetic style, full of idioms and metaphors and, typically, has me laughing out loud.

It is the story of a Parktown prawn... a cockroach, which is not quite as big as the model in this picture.

But almost...

It is written in Afrikaans, as Google helpfully informs me. What I found really interesting was the totally unexpected poetry of the translation. Thanks to Riekie and Google I have a whole new vocabulary.

Who could fail to respond to "hurt your heart to a shrink". I know just what that feels like.

And this!
"I have temporarily set sail eternal. shamelessly chose to reality exchange for the safe darkness of nowhere."

Pure poetry!

Riekie's blog is here

Do yourself a favour and read it.


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