whole again!

How come no one tells you, when you are young and pregnant, that once your children are born you will never, ever be a whole person again unless you know they are safe and happy?

How come no one ever tells you, when your sons are young and noisy and fighting and a bit smelly (and every second word is Muuuum!) that you will reach a stage when they are their own men, and far away and you'll long with every fibre of your being for just one more day of noise and being totally needed?

How come no one ever tells you that once your boys become men, life will never be the same again? That you will never, ever know them in the way that you once did? That even though you talk almost every day, part of their lives will be censored rather than shared? (and that you know that is the way it should be)

How come no one ever tells you that you will feel so proud of what your boys are doing (both of them) that you feel like your heart will burst? And that no matter what happens, you'll never quite lose the mother tiger that moved into your soul the day they were born, ready to do battle on their behalf at the slightest provocation.

What brought on this maudlin introspection?

Simon is writing some great music and doing what he was born to do and I am sure that 2011 will be his best year yet. You can hear his music here (although most of my favourites aren't there).

Ben is somewhere in the Antarctic ocean, working on Gojira. You can see him in this video, mostly holding ropes.(in the lighter jersey, first seen at around 39 seconds here)

And today, I felt whole again because I had the chance to chat to him on Facebook. Just a few words, but they made all the difference.


Jelica said…
This is a wonderful post, Lynn, so moving. It brought tears to my eyes.
Lynne said…
thanks Jelica! Loving what you are doing with the Reverb 10 project... I was thinking of doing it to, but never got there. Maybe I'll have to adapt it for January!
greganovich said…
The tiger is very much present, Growwllll.

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