A handful of keys

Sometimes memories are best captured in the mind and the heart, rather than on camera. The pic here is a prime example of that!

Last night we were fortunate to be given tickets to A Handful of Keys which is currently on at the Theatre on the Bay and wow! What an experience!

A Handful of Keys is a show that I have been wanting to see ever since it first opened in 1994. But somehow, in spite of everyone raving about it, there was always a reason not to get tickets (procrastination being the main one). It features two pianists and their baby grands, a wardrobe of amazing costumes and pure, pure talent.

The show was a co-creation by Ian von Memerty and Bryan Schimmel and, over 1450 performances later, more than 420 000 people have enjoyed the magical mix of music, memory and humour. The current show is directed by Ian von Memerty and features the fabulous Roelof Colyn (who has been part of the show since 2011) and the elastic-faced, 19-year old (19!!!) James Smith.

Here's the pic that I didn't take :)
In a new addition, the show now also features a surprise guest - an amateur pianist. It is an interesting idea but I did feel a bit sorry for last night's guest (whose name I have forgotten). She played well enough and in a different setting may have been really good, but for me what really stood out was how much difference there is between a good amateur and the incredible talent and professionalism of James and Roelof.

The show plays tribute to a host of musical genres. Their melody of Broadway musicals - lines from something like 140 songs in 12 minutes - was particularly impressive.

It is the kind of show that you could see ten times over and not get bored. Life has been particularly stressful for a while now, but after almost two hours of pure enjoyment I left feeling totally refreshed and energised.

Details about booking are here. The show runs to October 8 in Cape Town and then moves to Joburg.

Just do yourself a favour and go!


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