on the way back?

I've been thinking of my blog for a while now and wondering whether to revive it or to start a new one. 

There are some good things coming up, like our trip to the US for the WFSJ conference which is also going to include a train trip across the country, so having a blog again seems right again.

I'm not sure really what happened. I stopped reading many blogs and started associating them with work more and more. I do know that writing in other people's voices, which is  what I spend most of my time doing, needs an antidote. But I have said 'I'm back!' so many times that I am not saying it this time. 

Just a little, quiet 'maybe'.

Part of the returning to blogging has been rediscovering old favourites, like Julie's Moments of Perfect Clarity which I used to read with a cup of coffee every day. Then I started just keeping up with her days on Facebook and Instagram (blogging is a kind of sanctioned stalking). Reading her blogs again has reminded me how much I miss those moments of quiet storytelling.

One of the things that she had on her blog was a list of questions from Sandra Juto to get the blogging juices going again. So here are my answers.

Do you?
Have beer in the fridge? No, almost never. But I do have a really cool fridge door now that Murgatroid the mannequin's hand has found a new purpose.

Have a pet? Yes, three. Bentley the Spaniel, Jack the Great Dane and Akira the characterful cat.

Have a favourite sweet? Yes, salted liqorice. I've been an addict since a Dutch schoolfriend gave me some when I was about 9. 

Wear powder? Nope. I'm really bad at make up and skin care stuff

Have any plans for the future? Yes, lots. Mostly involving less stress and more creativity. But I am not sure that tomorrow ever comes.

Have any best grades from school? School was a very long time ago - the 40th anniversary of our Matric year is being held in a couple of weeks. I was best at English, but I only ever did enough work to get a good pass in any of my subjects.

Have an addiction? Maybe to my cell phone. I get very anxious if I don't have it at hand

Have fika today? It is only 9.30am, so if fika is somethig sweet with coffee in the afternoon, then no. But I did have some dried guava with my breakfast yoghurt and tea.

Wear nail polish? Usually. I tend to put it on while I'm at my desk. It is part of the things I fiddle with when I am trying to think.

Have a friend who lives in another country? Lots. My generation was part of a diaspora

There are lots more questions but I'll save them for another day because I am really supposed to be working.


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