baking bread

In honour of my son Ben's safe return to the Seychelles after yet another trip through pirate-infested waters ... this time dropping some special-forces types off on a ship before it entered the Gulf ... I decided to share his really great bread recipe with you.

Ever since he taught me to make it a year or so ago, I haven't bought any bread at all. I allow myself one slice, hot out of the oven and covered in farm butter, but the rest of the loaf is for Greg. It lasts about a week (and miraculously stays fresh-ish).

So here it is... a bread so easy you can make it in the middle of the ocean!

600g white bread flour
2 packets of dry yeast
2 tsp salt
4 tsp sugar

mix all together in big bowl and add 600ml lukewarm water

Cover bowl with clingfilm and leave to rise in a warm place for an hour or so.

Pour into bread pan (it's gloopy... not stiff like normal bread dough) and bake in the hottest possible oven (mine's 230 C) for about 40 mins.

that's it. Easy peasy.


Meri said…
Haven't baked bread since St. Patrick's Day, when I baked soda bread for a party.

Hey, your blog is looking great! Keep it up.
We miss you and Greg.

Love Clint and Cindy

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