time for a break

You know you really, really need a holiday when:

1. You decide to get really organised and book your August holiday in April, carefully file the confirmation letter and don't notice until yesterday that somehow you'd booked for May. And the reservations people managed to be helpful without budging an inch, which meant that we had to pay for the Kruger Park days again. So now we are having three days in the park instead of four. The silver lining (because, somehow there always is one) is that two of the nights will be in a river view rondavel at Olifants camp... one of my favourites. the black lining (because there's always one of those too) is that there'll be a whole lot less money to spend on the holiday. And we definitely won't be doing that hot air balloon ride

2. You really struggle to get any work done because your mind is determined to enter "play" mode

3. You really wish people would stop phoning and wanting to talk about work

4. You are counting sleeps (and recounting in case another day went by without you noticing)

5. You stare daggers at anyone with a cold, that might develop into swine flu and mean that you spend your holiday in quarantine instead of Mpumalanga

6. You wonder if you should buy a black wig and pretend to be Asian so you can get away with wearing a face mask on the plane (see point 5)

7. The list of things to pack is longer than the list of things to do before you go (at last, yippee). But sadly, the list of things to do is not getting shorter (see point 2)


B said…
Oh, yes, i think you do need a holiday! :) And I hope it's a good one, despite having less money! :)
Kristina said…
hope you'll have a good holiday!

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