I feel the need to explain...
In yesterday's post I mentioned a smokey room in the Royal Hotel.
The smoke was from the fire. Not from us. No heated conversations. No cigars or even cigarettes.

It seems such a short time ago that smoking cigarettes was the thing to do. Now, I imagine that many smokers feel like pariahs.

And it's not getting any easier. The latest anti-smoking legislation in South Africa bans smoking in a car with children under 12 years of age. And, thankfully, also bans smoking outside public buildings. No more hacking through clouds of smoke before you get to the reception desk!

I wonder how many other things that we see as totally acceptable today will soon be looked at with the same level of disapproval? The results of the green movement are obvious, but there must surely be other things that we are going to blushingly tell our grandchildren that we enjoyed in the "good old days".

Any ideas what they could be?

Something else that's "smokin!" Greg's new-ish bike...and probably also on the list of "things to tell the grandchildren" if I ever get any!


Anonymous said…
ooh what a great bike. i want to be on that, zooming off, wind in my hair.
Lynne said…
It is great fun, Kamma (the other Strelitzia lady!). Only problem is that in South Africa we're not allowed to zoom around with the wind in our hair... helmets are compulsory!

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