ploeg dag

This weekend Greg and I went to a farm outside Malmesbury to see the antique tractor club ploughing a field. It was fun to see how efficiently they worked, as well as the contrast with the shiny new behemoths that have taken their place. The new ones have sound systems and air conditioning and sprung seats and headlights and windcreeen wipers....

but the old ones are much cooler.

I can say that because I don't actually have to spend my day in the sun having my bones jarred right out of my body!

and look, there's Table Mountain in the distance!


Meri said…
I often think of my ancestors who braved the Oregon Trail to settle the west coast. Talk about bone jarring! And they had to endure it for months on end, then figure out how to build a winter-safe shelter when they arrived in their new home in late September. I wonder, have we lost our heartiness? I love comfort suspensions and air conditioning, comfy mattresses and someone bringing Margaritas to me at the beach.
Lynne said…
absolutely Meri!
I worry about how much we have forgotten. I rely so much on the internet when I want to know how to do things: its a wonderful resource but its made us really lazy. Julie blogged about it recently on her blog livet pa landet She'd been rreadling Little House on the Prarie, and had similar thoughts about how much they could do.

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