what's in a name?

How much thought do people put into the names they choose for their products, their businesses or their children?

Sometimes I wonder.

I got myself in a lot of trouble once by going on a rave about the Afrikaans habit giving children surnames as first names.

"How can they do that?" I asked. "Its just awful. I mean, can you imagine looking at your baby and saying 'I think I'll call this child Poggenpoel'!"

The man I was speaking to, a Mr Lingenvelder, glared as he replied:

"My son's name is Steggmann" (with the gg prounounced like the sound of a throat being cleared)

Well yes... my point exactly!

(and while I'm on a roll... why don't business design posters that fit their frames?)


Meri said…
My kids definitely have to see this image. They'll roll with laughter, no butts about it.
Lali Fufu said…
Just be glad you have a "proper" name. Not Langevelde or Neethling! :)

Butsoft toilet rolls! Classic!!! Guess that must mean it's 2 ply

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